Coaching Your Own Uniqueness

I am the product of my own coaching technique.  Unofficially for as long as I can remember, I have been used my gift to coach others on personal matters, business, and relationships.  Then I started to realize that this flows from me effortlessly and those who I have helped were amazed at what I was able to help them realize.  

I help YOU realize and expand Your Own Uniqueness. I do this from a very practical and down to earth level.  YOU already know who you are whether consciously or subconsciously.  It is my job to draw it out using my gift of harmonizing. 

Although I have been formally trained and initiated in many holistic and spiritual modalities, my ability to harmonize is uniquely ME (My Energy).  These modalities have just enhanced and helped to draw out what was always there. 

No more talking about me, join a session below and find out about YOU!

My YOU Coach

Ma'at em Maakheru Amen
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